About The Planetarium

The Planetarium in Torun was opened in February, 1994 and is very popular with school groups, families with children and tourists. It is located in a historical tank of the old municipal gasworks in the Old Town.

The Planetarium offers astronomical shows in the screening room under the dome and two interactive exhibitions: MARS#17 Base and Geodium. Since the beginning of its operation all the shows are produced in our own studio and on the basis or our original scenarios. They tell about the size and construction of the Universe, make stars, constellations, and planets of the Solar System as well as history of astronomic discoveries more familiar. A show lasts about 40 minutes.

MARS#17 Base is a new interactive and multimedia area that resembles a futuristic space laboratory on Mars. The Geodium exhibition is dedicated to Earth. It focuses on astronomical and environmental aspects of creation and evolution of our planet. Both exhibitions allow the visitors to perform simple experiments thus gaining knowledge on the world around us.

The Torun's Planetarium fits perfectly in the atmosphere of Copernicus’s home town and is a popular tourist attraction of the city and the region.