You can't visit the Planetarium building like you would, for example, a museum. We offer three attractions at the Planetarium. You can see all of them or choose one, depending on your time and funds. The main attraction are shows in the planetarium under the dome, additional attractions include the interactive exhibitions MARS #17 Base and Geodium. You buy a separate ticket for each attraction and enter at a specific time.
We watch astronomical shows (there are shows for children, families, teenagers and adults) while sitting in armchairs, with the entire dome above our heads being the screen. The shows are a combination of star images and animations, the story is led by a narrator, and the whole thing is complemented by music.
The MARS #17 Base is an interactive and multimedia space arranged in the form of a space base, where visitors, like crew members, have to perform specific activities necessary to survive outside Earth and complete the tasks assigned to them. Their mission is not only to monitor the condition of the Base, but also to remove minor failures, examine soil samples of the "Red Planet" and properly manage energy. All multimedia stations are equipped with a short basic description (introduction), a computer application and extended information for those who want to know more.
The Geodium interactive exhibition is "fun with science", at all stations you perform simple experiments yourself. In terms of content, this exhibition concerns the Earth and phenomena characteristic of our planet.
Detailed descriptions of our attractions and photos are available on website in the ATTRACTIONS tab.

The schedule of the Planetarium in the Polish language version (the titles and times of astronomical shows and the times of entry to interactive exhibitions MARS #17 Base and Geodium) are published on our website www.planetarium.torun.pl in the calendar. To check the schedule with shows available in foreign language for the day of your planned visit please contact us at office@planetarium.torun.pl

Ticket to the astronomical show with translation costs 19 PLN (reduced ticket) and 24 PLN (normal ticket). Entry to the MARS#17 Base exhibition costs 10 PLN (reduced ticket) and 12 PLN (normal ticket) and the same to Geodium exhibition 10 PLN (reduced ticket) and 12 PLN (normal ticket). Details on our website.

Purchasing tickets via e-mail is not obligatory, but it guarantees admission to the selected show or exhibition. Tickets can also be purchased on site, at the ticket office. We do not make reservations!
Payment for entry tickets must be made via the electronic payment system.

A planetarium is a place (facility) equipped with a room with an audience and appropriate equipment for projecting astronomical shows on a screen, which is a dome above the heads of viewers. The observatory is a completely different place, adapted to observe the real sky through telescopes. The planetarium in Toruń does not conduct such observations in its building.

The attractions of the Planetarium in Torun are intended for children from 4 years of age. This is related to the content of the shows and exhibitions, as well as the conditions in the rooms (darkness, special sound effects, etc.).
Due to fire safety regulations and evacuation rules, baby strollers are not allowed in the building and in the planetarium room and exhibitions of the MARS #17 Base and Geodium. There is also no place in the Planetarium where you can leave strollers (the external elevator is intended only for transporting disabled people).

Each of our shows lasts approximately 40 minutes. Visiting the MARS #17 Base or Geodium exhibition takes  max. 40 minutes.

No. Visiting the interactive exhibition MARS#17 Base and Geodium involves freely approaching all stations and performing experiments independently. At each station there is information with an explanation and simple operating instructions. If you have any questions, doubts or problems with using the devices, our employees in the room will be happy to help you.

Yes. Some of our shows have foreign-language versions available via disposable headphones. A version ticket can be purchased at the ticket office or online by sending an order by e-mail. Viewers receive headphones just befor entering the projection room. List of shows with foreign-language versions:

  • ENGLISH VERSION: "Colorful Cosmos" (family), "Copernicus 2473", "Makrocosmos", "Here is the Cosmos", "Beyond the Horizon", "The Northern Lights", "To Become an Astronomer" and during the holidays "Summer under the stars"
  • SPANISH VERSION: "Beyond the Horizon"
  • GERMAN VERSION: "Macrocosmos"
  • RUSSIAN VERSION: "Beyond the Horizon"

In addition, we publish free leaflets with device descriptions for the Geodium interactive exhibition. We currently have leaflets in English, German and Russian.
Applications and descriptions at the MARS#17 Base exhibition are prepared in Polish and English.

No. The planetarium is located in the center of the Old Town, in the downtown paid parking zone (strictly the Old Town), more expensive than zones "A" and "B". We therefore recommend planning your visit taking into account time to find a parking space. You can park your car on designated streets (pay in the parking meter), but preferably in larger organized parking lots, e.g. underground at the Center for Contemporary Art (Wały Gen. Sikorskiego Street 13), under the road bridge at Bulwar Filadelfijski Street or Plac św. Katarzyny. The rate in the city center zone for an hour of parking is 6.20 PLN, for the second hour it is 7.40 PLN, and for the third hour it is 8.90 PLN. In zone "A", the rate for the first hour of parking is 3.50 PLN (4.20 PLN for the second hour and 5.00 PLN for the third hour). Fees for parking cars on the streets in Toruń are collected from Monday to Friday from: 8:00 - 18:00, but in the city center area also on Saturdays 8:00 – 18:00.

The planetarium in Toruń is located in the center, in the Old Town at ul. Franciszkańska 15 Street. You can get there from the bus station on foot, the walk will take about 10 - 15 minutes. From the "Toruń Główny" Railway Station, you can take city bus lines 22 or 27 (stop directly at the station) or bus lines 11, 12, 13, 14 or 36 - they stop near the station. Get off at the "Plac Rapacki" stop and from there you will reach the Planetarium on foot in a few minutes. From other railway stations ("Toruń Miasto" or "Toruń Wschodni") we can also get there by bus or tram going towards the city center. A city ticket costs PLN 3.80 (normal) and PLN 1.90 (discount) - price for a journey within 45 minutes from validation.

There is no café in the Planetarium building, but we are located in the center of the Old Town, where you can find a rich gastronomic offer. The nearest restaurant and café are opposite the Planetarium, across the street.

The Planetarium building is adapted for people with disabilities. An external elevator allows wheelchair users to be transported to all attractions in the Planetarium building and to the hall. The Geodium room and a toilet adapted to the needs of disabled people are located in our second building (directly next to the Planetarium). Due to fire safety regulations and evacuation rules, there cannot be more than 6 wheelchairs in the screening room during one screening.

Yes, you can take photos in the building. Taking souvenir photos is only not allowed in the projection room during the show. Professional photo sessions (e.g. for magazines) must be agreed in advance with the Director.

Unfortunately, there is no souvenir shop in the Planetarium at the moment.

In the Planetarium building, there are lockers for clothes for visitors to the MARS #17 Base and Geodium exhibition. The use of lockers is free of charge.
Viewers who go to a show in the planetarium room take their outerwear with them.